Redmine and Integrity CI on Heroku

Following are some experience that I wanna share on how to have free hosting of Redmine for project management and Integrity for CI on Heroku.

Warn: don’t do it unless u are bored like me.


Problems of running Redmine on Heroku:

  • Integrate Redmine with S3 for files

Solution: Redmine_S3 plugin

  • Integrate Github Repo


    1. At the root of the Redmine repository, cd repositories/xxxx.git
    2. git fetch
    3. git reset –soft FETCH_HEAD
    4. cd ../..
    5. git add -A
    6. git ci -m ‘update repository’
    7. git push heroku master
    8. heroku run:console Repository.fetch_changesets

Integrity CI

Problems of running Integrity on Heroku:

  • Bundler not found.

Because Heroku’s Bundler is installed in the system path. But after bundle install, the GEM_HOME is set to /.bundle which doesn’t contain Bundler. And need the hack of putting the bundler into .bundle/ manually.

  • Gem not found

As Rake tasks are running at the tmp folder(e.g. tmp/1) And looking for Gems at the GEM_HOME /.bundle. Therefore, I have to install Test environment gems on Integrity.

Heroku Buildpack

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